Play new board games before you buy them. 

Get hand-selected board games delivered. Try them for a week and only keep the ones you want.

Here's How It Works

No subscription required. Try it once or set up automatic deliveries.


Tell us your preferences so we can get to know you and your budget. You'll pay a $20 selection fee, which gets credited towards games you keep.


Get a delivery any time you want. Play the games we've selected for you at home before you buy. You have seven days to decide what you want to keep. 


Only pay for what you keep and send back the rest. A prepaid shipping label is included. There are no hidden fees, ever.

The best part? The more you use Jester, the better we get at predicting the games you're guaranteed to love.

Why do people love Jester?

Our proprietary algorithms know you better than you know you, if you know what we mean.


No more scrolling through the internetz or walking the aisles of Target looking for a game that speaks to you. Sit back and let Jester entertain you!


Play with friends and family to discover what works best before you purchase.


Opt to receive games regularly or at your convenience - the choice is yours.


Drop off returns using our pre-paid packages at any USPS Location.


The more we learn about your preferences, the better we’ll be at finding games you’ll love.

How much does it cost?

We're keeping this part simple. There's no hidden fees.

$20 delivery fee

The cost of getting a delivery is $20, which is credited towards games you keep in your final order.

Take 20% off

When you decide to keep all three games in your delivery, we'll give you an an extra 20% off!

Priced just for you

We'll send you games customized to your personal spending preferences.

Built with care in Seattle.

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