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Issue #2: Take Two!

Welcome back, Jesters!

It’s been far too long since we've sent out a newsletter.  I had planned on this being a weekly occurrence, but writing is hard. I went to look up a quote about writing and found this gem.

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” ~ Douglas Adams

I truly felt this way when trying to get this newsletter out.  Each week would come and go as I promised myself this would be the week.  However not all of us in the Jester house have been sitting idly by.  You may have noticed that the team has been cranking out a bunch of new features. I have to say - the app looks brand new and better than ever.

Spotlight: On Tour

While I haven’t been keeping to my commitment as far as writing goes, I have been getting in a few social game sessions. While continuing to work our way through Pandemic Legacy 2, I’ve also been playing a game called On Tour by Chad DeShon.  It’s a simple game in concept, but a bit tricky to master.  With On Tour, you are playing the role of a band touring the USA (I get specific here because I’m super excited to try out the latest European map expansion I just received).

The game play is pretty simple. Each turn, a player rolls two 10-sided dice and you have to write down the pair of numbers those dice make on your map for example 2 and 4 would be 24 & 42. Your goal is to create the longest route across the country using numbers in ascending order.  The box says it takes between 15-25 min, but I feel like my group is on the longer side, around 30+ minutes, especially as we add more people. I find that enjoyment goes up the more people we have.  Last time we played with 3, which was totally fine. The true fun of this game is watching your friends struggle to fit in a 39 or 93 as you all start getting down to the last few states to fill in.

Now trust me, I did not do justice to On Tour with my explanation above, but check it out within the Jester app if it sounds like it might be your kind of thing. It’s a great game and it can support large groups of friends.  I currently have 8 boards, but there's no reason why I couldn’t buy a second set and play with 16 people in total.

Play On

We hope that you are enjoying the latest update of the Jester app! Let us know if you have any feedback either by replying here or finding me directly in the app. Our mission is to foster that excitement that each of us get when we sit down and play board games - both through the app and these emails!

Until next time,


Your Humble Court Jester

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