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Issue #3: A Quest For Personalization

Welcome back, Jesters! Don, one of the co-founders of Jester, and I talk often.  He likes to drop ideas out of left field to see if it would be a good feature for Jester or if it resonates with me as a board game enthusiast.  Two weeks ago he dropped this one on me.

How interested would you be in some sort of board gaming subscription service? Think StitchFix for board games. Customers of the service would receive 3 top-rated board games either each month or as a one-off, personalized to their interests. They’d have 7 days to decide whether they wanted to purchase any of the games they had received or send them back free of charge.

A Brief History Of Jester

Now, in the beginning, Jester (or “Foozli” as it was called at that point), was started with the idea of being an online board games rental marketplace.  Don saw a potential gap in the industry - board games are expensive and people don’t seem to have an option to try them out before they buy them.  “Why isn’t there a Netflix for board games,” he said.  Remind me to give you all a more detailed Jester history lesson later. While creating a board game rental company didn’t exactly pan out, from the ashes of Foozli rose Jester.

One of the core focuses within Jester has always been personalization. You might have even seen a short-lived feature within the app that said: “Get a Personalized Recommendation”.  Once you clicked that Don and I scrambled to look at your collection of games, get a bit of input from you on the most recent games played, and then pick three games that we thought you might like.  This type of personalization is one that seems to be missing from the board game industry but is found just about everywhere else you look.

What's In The Box

When Don posed the question of JesterBox I was interested.  I liked the idea of a personalized bundle of games based on my collection, recent plays, likes and dislikes.  It took me back to the original idea of Foozli where we’d be giving people a chance to play board games.  I was ready to jump in.  We talked about it for most of the day and the rest of the week.  Don began running with it and created a simple website to test the idea:

Take a look - does this resonate with any of our current Jester community? If so, give it a shot (you’ll need to create a brand new account just for the website).

I know I love the idea. So much so that my first box is already in the mail.  Let’s see how it goes.

Until next time,


Your Humble Court Jester

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